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The Top End: Works from Arnhem Land

13.01.09 - 01.03.09<p><strong>13 January to 1 March 2009</strong></p><p>The Oodgeroo Collection holds a strong representation of works from the Arnhem Land region. </p>

13.01.09 - 01.03.09<p><strong>13 January to 1 March 2009</strong></p><p><em>Spin </em> focuses on works from the QUT Art Collection that actively engage with visual perception and optical effects.</p>
More No Frills*

13.01.09 - 27.02.09<p><strong>13 January to 27 February 2009</strong></p><p>More No Frills* is the first exhibition in the 2009 Staff and Student Exhibition Program. </p>
Timeless: The Art of Cressida Campbell

02.02.09 - 19.04.09<p><strong>5 March to 19 April 2009</strong></p><p>Exquisite woodblock paintings drawing on the tradition of Japanese art.</p>
"Materialise" by Alice Lang

03.02.09 - 29.03.09<p><strong>3 February to 29 March 2009</strong></p><p>This sculpture-based exhibition uses fabric as it investigates the idea of bone as something soft, malleable and organic as well as strong and protective. </p>
Abstract Earth: Photography by Richard Woldendorp

05.02.09 - 05.04.09<p><strong>5 February 2009 to 5 April 2009</strong></p><p>Sixty of Woldendorp's most memorable aerial landscapes that have the power and presence of large abstract paintings. </p>
BloodLines: Art and the Horse

09.04.09 - 07.06.09<p><strong>11 April to 7 June 2009</strong></p><p>Featuring work by some of Australia's most notable artists, <em>Bloodlines: Art and the Horse </em>explores the subject in a highly creative and inspired way. </p>

21.04.09 - 31.05.09<p><strong>21 April to 31 May 2009</strong></p><p>Elizabeth Willing's practice explores the material, sensual and ephemeral aspects of using food to make artworks.</p>
Points of Contact

23.04.09 - 31.05.09<p><strong>23 April to 31 May 2009</strong></p><p><em>Points of Contact </em>examines how artists in the collection have responded to issues around Australia's colonial history.</p>
Daniel Mafe: Sites of Abstraction, Diagrams of Need

23.04.09 - 31.05.09<p><strong>23 April to 31 May 2009</strong></p><p>For Brisbane artist Daniel Mafe, art is a means by which to explore notions of non-representation and abstraction. </p>

07.05.09 - 31.05.09<p><strong>7 April to 31 May 2009</strong></p><p>Mel Robson's work communicates personal narratives through iconic domestic objects.</p>
Still Life: Joachim Froese Photographs 1999-2008

04.06.09 - 15.08.09<p><strong>4 June to 16 August 2009</strong></p><p><em>Still Life</em> surveys five successive bodies of work produced over the last decade by acclaimed Brisbane contemporary photographer Joachim Froese. </p>
From Here to Eternity: Contemporary Tapestries from the Victorian Tapestry Workshop

11.06.09 - 02.08.09<p><strong>12 June to 2 August 2009</strong></p><p><em>From Here to Eternity</em> presents a diverse range of tapestries from the Exhibition Collection of the Victorian Tapestry Workshop in Melbourne. </p>
Town and Country: Brisbane Indigenous Art

24.06.09 - 17.08.09<p><strong>24 June to 16 August 2009</strong></p><p>Held in conjunction with NAIDOC Week 2009.</p>
Space for Yearning

06.08.09 - 11.08.09<p><strong>6 August to 11 October 2009</strong></p><p>Space for Yearning features works that are at home in the evocative space between desire and its fulfilment.</p>
Between Reality and Non-Reality: Works by Jon Molvig and Gordon Shepherdson

06.08.09 - 11.10.09<p><strong>6 August to 11 October 2009</strong></p><p>Drawn chiefly from the QUT Art Collection, this exhibition investigates the connections and differences in the work of these two important Australian artists.</p>
Wearer/Maker/Wearer: Recent Work by Paula Dunlop

19.08.09 - 13.09.09<p><strong>19 August to 13 September 2009</strong></p><p>An exhibition of recent work from Brisbane-based designer Paula Dunlop combining fashion and photography.</p>
A Spot of Tea

20.08.09 - 25.10.09<p><strong>20 August to 25 October 2009</strong></p><p>The teapot has been an important object for Western culture since the 17th and 18th century trend of Orientalism. </p>
Clifton Pugh: Printmaker

20.08.09 - 25.10.09<p><strong>20 August to 25 October 2009</strong></p><p>Clifton Pugh (1924 - 90) is best remembered as a painter of portraits, nudes and landscapes. However, he was also a prolific printmaker. Pugh's etchings, lithographs and monotypes mirror many of the themes explored in his paintings, but the print medium gave him the freedom to investigate different ideas and techniques beyond painting. </p>
Clear Cut: Black and White Prints from the Oodgeroo Collection

20.08.09 - 25.10.09<p><strong>20 August to 25 October 2009</strong></p><p>An Oodgeroo Collection exhibition of Australian indigenous art.</p>
qdos: queensland design on show 2009

16.09.09 - 25.10.09<p><strong>16 September to 25 October</strong></p><p>This exhibition presents the best of recent Queensland design, showcasing the award-winning designs and designers from the 2009 qdos awards program.</p>
12 Degrees of Latitude: Regional and University Art Collections in Queensland

15.10.09<p><strong>16 October to 20 December 2009</strong></p><p><em>12 Degrees of Latitude</em> is the first major exhibition surveying art collections owned by Queensland's regional galleries and university art museums. Part of Queensland's 150th anniversary celebrations, the exhibition provides a rare opportunity to view significant works which until now have largely remained the province of local and institutional communities. </p>
footnotes of a verdurous tale: Sebastian Di Mauro 1987-2009

31.10.09 - 31.01.10<p><strong>31 October 2009 to 31 January 2010</strong></p><p>The first survey exhibition of Di Mauro's work and includes recreations of installations from the late 1990s as well as new works, previously unshown.</p>