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Dan Brock, '1800x1200', 2009. Acrylic on canvas.
Dan Brock, '1800x1200', 2009. Acrylic on canvas.

10 April to 16 May

Dan Brock's large-scale paintings exhibit the trademarks of a neo-punk painting aesthetic.

His practice is informed by ideas of provisional painting — a strategy that undermines well-executed, highly-polished, saleable commodities, preferring instead paintings that seem unfinished, amateurish and on all appearances failures, but are never actually this.

Brock takes this idea one step further and merges abstract and figurative devices to challenge the language of painting and the way viewers become complicit in established conventions.

Dan Brock is currently completing his M.A in Fine Arts at QUT. Activity is part of the student and staff exhibition program at QUT Art Museum and is on display in the Tom Heath Gallery.


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