2007 Arc Biennial

6 October - 2 December 2007

The 2007 Arc Biennial exhibition titled "To Be Confirmed" presents an insight into contemporary Australian craft, design, fashion and visual art practice, with a focus on Queensland-based practitioners. Managed by Artworkers Alliance, the Arc Biennial also includes a three-day symposium celebrating Queensland art, craft, and design. The program features exhibitions, forums and lectures by internationally renowned artists, curators and writers.

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The quintessential 21st century resource, Wikipedia, defines 'to be confirmed' as "an expression used to signify a lack of definitive information".

In the case of the 2007 Arc Biennial exhibition rather than signalling something lacking, the title To Be Confirmed is intended as a positive term signalling the diversity of contemporary artistic practice and its refusal to be pinned down to singular definitions. The title also questions the canon of art history and long established notions of what art, craft and design are and should be. If something is confirmed, it has been ratified or firmly established by long standing, resulting in a deeply-rooted idea.

In response to this, To Be Confirmed aims to rattle the foundations of entrenched ideas regarding what form art should take. To do this, the exhibition presents a selection of the endless formal, material, and conceptual possibilities in the form of work by 50 artists across the fields of fashion, jewellery, furniture and interior design, visual art and craft.

Artists include Tony Albert, Lincoln Austin, Jenni Baxter, Krista Berga, Dean Brough, Penny Byrne, Nadine Cameron, Eugene Carchesio, Emma Elizabeth Coffey, Ray Cook, Margot Douglas, Clare Dyson, Franz Ehmann, Leah Emery, Nicholas Folland, Hannah Gartside, Mark Heslop, Lily Hibberd, PJ Hickman, Liana Kabel, Amanda Joe-Asare, Alasdair Macintyre, Archie Moore, Paul Mumme, John Nicholson, Ben Quilty, Scott Redford, Victoria Reichelt, Geoffrey Ricardo, Alexander Seton, Julie Shepherd, Arryn Snowball, Van Sowerwine, The General Will, The Upholstery, Alick Tipoti, Jonathan Tse, Emma Van Leest, Nicole Voevodin-Cash, Judy Watson, Rebecca Ward, Judith Wright and George Wu.

Curated by Gordon Craig and Simone Jones
Presented by QUT Art Museum and Artworkers Alliance

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