Framing Conflict

Iraq and Afghanistan - Lyndell Brown and Charles Green

12 January - 28 February 2010

In March 2007, artists Lyndell Brown and Charles Green travelled for six weeks through the Middle East, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf as the Australian War Memorial's official war artists. Attached to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), they visited various Australian bases, which were part of larger United States operations and compounds. Their collaborative paintings and photographs continue the tradition of official war art in Australia that began during the First World War.

Brown and Green's art records the activities and experiences of the Australian troops. They are contemplative works that reveal new and strange configurations of landscape, culture, and technology.

Concurrent exhibition: Reading Room: Lyndell Brown/Charles Green, 2001-2007.

Curated by Warwick Heywood

Presented by Australian War Memorial, Canberra

Watch 'The Art of Wars' (ABC1, Stateline, 05.02.10)

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