Reimaging National Identity

9 February - 4 July 2010

Since the late 1990s the term un-Australian has been used freely, appearing everywhere from front bench politics to the sporting arena. But what does it mean to be un Australian?

The term implies that there are fundamental characteristics shared across our society that bind us as Australians regardless of our diversity, and to be un-Australian is to challenge this. However, cultural stereotypes aside, is there a national identity that reflects the reality of our everyday lives or is it simply a myth?

Utilising works drawn from the QUT Art Collection, UnAustralian: Reimaging National Identity reflects on the role that art plays in confirming and challenging ideas of national identity.

Curated by Megan Williams

Presented by QUT Art Museum

Download Education Resources
Middle Years (8-9) [pdf - 3.8 MB]
Senior Years (10-12) [pdf - 4.5 MB]

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