Treading Air by Ariella Van Luyn

Tuesday 11 October

Texta book club: Treading Air by Ariella Van Luyn

6pm QUT Art Museum

Texta is no ordinary book club; it's for people who love art. We use fiction (mostly) to unpack the subjects, themes and emotions of art. Conversation is never colourless, and is facilitated by our brains trust from QUT Creative Writing and Literary Studies

To coincide with the The Churchie National Emerging Art Prize, our fourth and final book of the year is Treading Air by Ariella Van Luyn.

In 1920s Brisbane, Lizzie O'Dea wants to get away from her dad and the memories of her mum that haunt her. At the races, she meets attractive, war-scarred Joe. When he says that he wants to marry her and take her away to far-flung Townsville, Lizzie sees her chance to escape. But Lizzie soon falls through what she'd thought was a safety net. On the fringes of society, she discovers a new sense of independence and sexuality, love and friendship. It's a precarious life, though. Always on the edge of collapse, eventually it spins out of control.

Join us for a brief tour of the exhibition followed by a glass of wine and generous amounts of healthy conversation about Treading air.

Books can be purchased from the Gardens Point QUT Bookshop or from QUT Art Museum


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