Saturday 20 June

In the pink

2pm QUT Art Museum

In nature it is often the males that are more colourful. But when it comes to humans, are females the more colourful of the species? Recent research suggests a scientific basis for the long held assumption that women are able to see more colours than men. If this is the case, how has this played out in society and culture? Do girls actually like pink because they are more sensitive to the complexities and subtleties of this hue, or because they have been clothed in it from birth? Our speakers, including esteemed curator and writer Julie Ewington, and Dr Courtney Pedersen, guest curator of Quaternary at QUT Art Museum, will negotiate the spectrum to answer the question, is there a gender politics of colour?

This event is held in conjunction with Women of the World Festival, Brisbane

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Tuesday 20 October

Texta book club: Clean straw for nothing by George Johnson

6pm QUT Art Museum

Texta is no ordinary book club; it's for people who love art. We use fiction (mostly) to unpack the subjects, themes and emotions of art. Conversation is never colourless, and is facilitated by our brains trust from QUT Creative Writing and Literary Studies. For our final book of the year we read Clean straw for nothing by George Johnson.

In the sequel to his semi-autobiographical novel My brother Jack, George Johnston's Clean straw for nothing (winner of the Miles Franklin Award in 1969) is set against the backdrop of a Greek island, and follows the story of successful war correspondent and retired journalist, David Meredith, as he abandons his career for a life in exile with his beautiful wife Cressida. Johnston focuses on the developing relationship between David and Cressida, exploring the complex and reflective character of David as he questions the nature of success, sexual tensions, expatriation, and ill-health.

Held in conjunction with the exhibition 1969: The black box of conceptual art, join us for a brief tour of the exhibition followed by a glass of wine and generous amounts of healthy conversation.

Books can be purchased from the Gardens Point QUT Bookshop.


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