Installation view of 'Beyond reason' Photo: Carl Werner

Beyond reason

Exploring the logic of the imagination

A rambling picaresque exhibition of works that venture into the fairytale, the absurd, masquerade, animal/human transformation, theatre, satire, anti-fashion and parody. Beyond Reason exudes whimsy, improvisation, spontaneity, humour, gesture and intuition whilst exploring ideas of cultural identity, popular culture, and sexuality.

Artists include

Karen Napaljarri Barnes
Karen Black, Amber Boardman
Sally Bourke
Angela Brennan
Matthew Clarke
Aleks Danko
Beth Ebatarinja
DC Style Fylez
Rosie Deacon
Simone Eisler
Troy Emery
Heath Franco
Hannah Gartside
Minka Gillian
Kyoko Imazu
Trudy Inkamala
Laith McGregor
Amanda Marburg
Sharon Muir
Benita Multa
Louise Paramor
Tom Polo
Zoe Porter
Dulcie Sharpe
David Spooner
Jacqui Stockdale
The Ryan Sisters
Michael Vale

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